Who am I, Where am I

Am I the name Taesung Park?
It is the name which is named by my grandfather.

Am I this arms, legs and head which form this body?
It is the accessories that are attached to one body.

Am I this person who is sometimes cheeky and serious?
It is some aspects of character shown from one body.

Am I this belief, perception, political preference, and characteristics?
It is merely a belief, perception, political preference and charateristics that one has picked and chosen.

Am I this ‘painful’ mind that was caused by incident with people whom I’ve believed in the past?
It is the pain that was caused by the attachment of one’s ego holding onto that mind.

Am I this status of being loved and respected by people in the past?
It is the appearance that was being hold by memories of gratefulness or pride.

Am I this mind that is afraid of either being hurt by or giving hurt to the loved ones?
It is the mind that was drawn by a fear onto which one’s ego was holding.

Am I this person who’s positively impacting to the world and spending great time with loved ones in the future?
It is the appearance that is drawn by consciousness of love.

Am I what I perceive who I am now, Am I whom I desire myself to be, or to be perceived by myself or other person, Am I the one hiding under the ego which I do not wish myself or others to find out?

Then who am I?

Then where am I?

Certainly, it feels like ‘I’ exists somewhere. But who am I? Where am I?

Name is a name. Body is made of elements. Action is fulfilled by a body. Pain is from the mind that the ego was holding onto. Belief, political views, religion, memories, notion and appearance are observed. Are these a true ‘I’? Are there a true ‘I’?

Am I this ‘experiencer’? – who smells and tastes a nice cup of coffee here and now; listens to pop music; observes beautiful sunshine scattered on the water of reservoir; thinking what to blog next.

Am I this ‘status’, ‘awareness’? – which spreads around the aura of peace and love towards all places in the universe, from that high level of consciousness.

The status of all universe, time, appearance and forms being unified.

The being which is sometimes called by people as ‘knowingness’, god, buddha, jesus or allah.

Am ‘I’ either all of above or none?

Who am I?

Where am I?

Am ‘I’ the one who tries to find the answer to ‘Who am I’ and ‘Where am I’? Or those question can never be established to answers in the status where there is true ‘i’?

Once all none ‘I’ elements are finally let go. What else is left? What else exist?

What is that? Where is that?

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