Best Device & Item for Meditation, De-Stress, Sleep 2020

ACOtop ($)

ACOtop Sleep Headphones Eye Mask with Ultra-Thin Speakers. Image from ACOtop, Amazon.

ACOtop claims it’s got built-in HD thin speaker around the eye mask.

This would be suitable for those who’re frequent travellers (on the flight for example) or like to take a rest at work.

Price is in an affordable range.

It also claims that it provides 30-day moneyback guarantee, subject to its policy if you’re unhappy with the purchase which is great.

Braintab Headset ($$$$$$$)

BrainTap Bluetooth Headset. Image from BrainTap

BrainTap claims that the device uses the light and the sound for brain wave entrainment.

BrainTap fosters the mindfulness as well as helps build better state of mind.

That could help your day-to-day mind clarify, quality of sleeping and stress management.

BrainTap not only offers the headset but also some of the monthly subscription programs, as well as the mobile app, supporting both Google Playstore and App Store.

It offers 14-day moneyback guarantee subject to its policy.

Breo iNeck2 ($)

Women using Breo iNeck2 on her neck. Image from Breo-usa.

Breo iNeck2 is featured with 2-level heat compression which does provide the users with various mode of massage functionality.

So-called ‘Shiatsu’ massage technic is equipped in Breo iNeck2 in 4 different modes.

This device might be good for travellers too as it comes with the travel case.

Breo USA provides a 1-year warranty on this product subject to its policy.


Buddha Board with drawing. Image from Buddha Board, Amazon.

This is a unique and interesting item for your mindfulness practice.

How you use this is simple. You can simply fill the stand (there is a square-shaped container in the middle) with water. Then start drawing or writing with the bamboo brush included in the product.

Then the drawing slowly disappears as water evaporates – just like how all other things come and go 😉

The original Buddha Bamboo claims it’s safe from bubbling and peeling. Nonetheless, you get manufacturer’s warranty when purchased the item on Budda Board Inc, Amazon.

Why not you get the help from Buddha Board for your ‘here and now’ practice or drawing meditation?

CozyPhones Sleep Headphones ($)

CozyPhone Sleep Headphones. Image from CozyPhones, Amazon

CozyPhones Sleep Headphones is perfect for those who wish to listen to music or meditate while sleeping.

It’d be suitable for those who travel frequently, as it’d offer you comfortable sleeping experience with its thin cushioned removable speakers in the headband.

Douni Sleep Sound Machine ($)

Features of Douni Sleep Sound Machine. Image from Douni, Amazon.

Douni Sleep Sound Machine offers you 24 different soothing sounds, including nature sounds such as the ocean, forest, and fan sounds or white noises.

It supports the sleep timer so that it’s automatically turned off after a certain period of time up to your preference.

This sound machine is lightweight which makes it very portable. With a built-in 3.5mm headphone jack, you can listen to it on-the-go too.

Emotive Insight ($$$)

Emotive Insight. Image from Emotive.

Emotive Insight is a device which is designed for Brain Computer Interface (BCI).

This device is categorised under consumer EEG (Electroencephalograph) which provides in-depth information about the user’s brain.

Emotive Insight uses 5 sensors to connect with your brain. With support from its great software available on PCs, you could monitor and analyse the performance metrics of your brain.

Emotive offers other products and solutions than Insight with a variety of range of prices and features.

Emotive supports international shipping.

Fitfirst Portable White Noise Machine ($)

Features of Fitfirst Portable White Noise Machine, Image from Fitfirst, Amazon.

Fitfirst Portable White Noise Machine could be of a similar item with Douni Sleep Sound Machine.

It provides 30 different soothing sounds which include the sound of nature, white noise, fan, heartbeat etc.

It supports the timer for the automatic turn-off.

Huso Home ($$$$$)

Huso Home. Image from Huso.

Huso uses a patented system to combine the vibrational frequency, human toning in order to provide its users unique experience.

This device is great for sound therapy at home. The website offers a short sound sample you could try.

Huso Home offers a variety of programs including Deep Calm, Sleep, Stress programs as well as mental-related programs.

Huso also offers international shipping as well as 30-day money-back guarantee subject to its policy.

iHome Zenergy Candle ($)

iHome. Image from iHome.

iHome Zenergy Candle offers not only the soothing sounds for great sleep and relaxation but also warm and solid colours of lighting as well as guided meditation and breathing technics.

Its program for guided meditation and breathing technic consist of 3 modes: 4-7-8 breathing guide, Calming Meditation and Zen mode.

Its mode of soothing sound includes the sound of nature, white noise and pink noise etc.

InnerBalance by HeartMath ($$)

InnerBalance by HeartMath. Image from HeartMath

InnerBalance by HeartMath measures your heart rhythm patterns which change over time based on your status of emotion and mental status.

Based on the measurement, it provides the relevant recommendation for your inner state via its apps available on App Store as well as Google Play Store.

Its real-time guide on the platform could help your journey throughout the mindfulness. HeartMath also offers free access to the training and tips via its online platform.

HeartMath provides 60-day money-back guarantee as well as the 1-year technology warranty.

Kasina Deepmind™ Bundle ($$$$)

Kasina Deepmind™ Bundle. Image from MindPlace.

MindPlace offers Kasina Deepmind™ Bundle package which includes Kasina console and Kasina Deepvision™ Ganzframes.

Kasina console is pre-loaded with 49 sessions for the mediation.

It uses visual effects to support the meditation session.

It does support international shipping from its website as well as via Amazon.

Meditation Box ($)

Meditation Box. Image from Uncommon Goods

Meditation Box is designed by Jayne Riew and produced by Artificer Wood Works, as featured on UncommonGoods collection.

This box is filled with fine grains of sands.

Why not get yourself rejuvenated with this meditation box for a session of peaceful drawing meditation?

Munchkin Shhh ($)

Munchkin Shhh. Image from Pupsik.

Munchkin Shhh is designed to cater more to babies.

This simple sleeping device offers 3 types of smoothing sounds – Shhh, heartbeat and white noise.

With the timer, it can automatically turn itself off after a certain period of time.

Muse 2 ($$$)

Muse. Image from Muse.

‘Meditate like you’ve never imaged’ the tagline from Muse represents its capacity and specs well.

Muse 2 can measure your brain (EEG), heart (PPG + Pulse Oximetry), body (Accelerometer), and breathing (PPG + Gyroscope).

Its app contents not only include the tracking of your meditation performances but also the guided meditations and collection of programs from well-known masters.

Muse S, Pre-Order ($$$$)

Muse S. Image from Muse.

Muse S is Muse’s upcoming item which is now available for a pre-order on its website.

Distinctive enhancement made from its previous version (Muse2 above) would be it’s added program ‘Go-to-sleep’.

‘Go-to-sleep’ uses most of all combination of its technology such as EEG, PPG, Gyroscope and Accelerometer.

Muse S also has increased its battery life up to 10 hours whereas Muse 2 had a capacity for up to 5 hours.

N.O.W. Tone Therapy System ($$)

N.O.W. Tone Therapy System. Image from Solu.

N.O.W Tone therapy system offers unique and calming meditative tones and sounds on its high-quality speaker system.

Website ( offers 3-minute trial tones. So why not try and calm yourself with beautiful sound?

You could enjoy a peace of mind with its moneyback guarantee subject to its terms and conditions.

Renpho Eye Massager ($)

Renpho Eye Massager. Image from Renpho.

Renpho Eye Massager uses air pressure and motors to make acupressure-like feeling across its massager.

It also supports head compression, vibration with music which provide you with great massage experience on your eyes.

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