Embrace 24Hr Zen Mindfulness: Working From Home

One day, I felt swamped with loads of work and personal stuff.

All-day Mindfulness During Work From Home: Quarantine, Circuit Breaker by Taesung, Youtube: Mindfulness In The City. Powered by Maumbit.

I was perfectly aware of the benefit of meditation, mindfulness, and also my spiritual  ‘goal’, as I’ve been practising chanting and sitting meditation since I was very young.

But it became a big challenge for me to build kind of a long-term momentum of mindfulness. Maybe because of my work, laziness, and with all excuses, I had de-prioritized the practices, so it became on-and-off. 

For some reason, I felt overwhelmed and exhausted after a long absence of mindfulness practice. And I needed to put more effort when I wanted to re-build the momentum of regular practice. Ups and downs have repeatedly annoyed me.

At times, I’ve been believing that mindfulness practice such as sitting meditation should be done at one designated place at a certain time.

It wasn’t true…

Hello friends, it’s Taesung.

Today, I would like to talk about how I am trying to keep being mindful during the day while coping with ‘Working From Home’ these days, from the moment I am getting up on the bed, during office time, until the moment I go to bed.

Mindful Wake-Up

When I wake up, I practice gratitude. I am grateful for the new beautiful day I am given for today. 

I’d take a moment.  And gently observe and appreciate all sensations and emotions within me, without any judgment. Even if I am grateful that my heart, lungs, and other parts of my body are making me alive today. 

Here and now is wonderful. And is full of miracles. 

Mindful Morning Coffee Session

As I mindfully make a cup of coffee, I practice gratitude. To those for having produced the coffee. To soil, sunlight, wind, water, and our mother earth.

Morning sunshine is scattering around my window. Happy birds are singing on a fresh green tree. And as always, the tree gives me sparkling oxygen full of love, full of unconditional love.

I practice gratitude looking at my body as well as the natures around me. It is full of wonders.

Mindful Diamond Sutra Chanting

I have been reading and chanting Diamond Sutra since I was 16. I am fully immersed in full of insights, a high level of consciousness and awareness as I read it. I enjoy reading it, with mindfulness, as it points to where I need to go for my spiritual goal, and gives me insights and inspirations.

20 Minutes Mindful Sitting Meditation

Once done, I will sit down on the floor in a comfortable position to begin my meditation for about 20 minutes.

As I breathe in, my soul arrives home, at my body. As I breathe out, my energy spreads into the whole body. As energy spreads into the whole body, it feels more lively, calm, and rejuvenated.

I end the session of meditation. And gently bring this peace and joy to my home office.  

Mindfulness During Work

I take care of the digital businesses of my company. So I get quite a lot of emails from my colleagues and partners globally overnight.

I’d spend for about 30 mins to mindfully read all emails, and then categorize them into ‘Things to respond’ and ‘Things to be archived’, rather than responding one by one as I read. 

This simple categorization helps me to mindfully look at things to do for a day at a glance. And it gives me some inspirations on daily priorities. 

I’ve set up a daily recurring alarm before lunchtime, for it to remind myself to gently slow down all activities, cool down and stop everything. Then I start a short 10 minutes sitting meditation. I’d change my online status of email and mobile to ‘Away’ or ‘Do not disturb’ so I can inform my colleagues that I am not responsive, and fully engage myself in the meditation. If I am caught up in the call, I’d start the meditation after the call.

Mindful Cooking and Lunch

I often cook these days, thanks to social distancing measures. As I engage with mindful cooking, I practice loving kindness and gratitude. I am grateful to those who made all ingredients harvested, grown, and available for me. I learn the joy of cooking for my loved ones as I cook.

I made Geotjeori for the first time. Geotjeori is a fresh and simple version of Kimchi, which was very simple to make with simple ingredients. If you wish to learn and try, you can check out my video on the link at the right corner or in the description.

After Work

As I end my work, I appreciate all the great work and collaboration done by my colleagues. I’d take a deep breath, gently leave all thoughts at my desk, behind my back. And bring my soul back to my home, my body. 

I thank my brain, my body for the great work today, and I apologize for judging myself at work at some point, which made me suffer from negative energy. However, I’d say to myself that it’s okay. I gently accept the fact that the judgment or negativity can arise in my mind, and I also gently accept that those can be my friend, together with love, peace, and joy, as I embrace them with mindfulness

Mindful Hobbies

I chose to start my Youtube and a blog because I wished to contribute my hobbies and skills to my life goal, which is supporting humanity, world, and all-beings find peace.

Thanks to you, thanks to our community and subscribers, my hobby empowers me to try to keep mindfulness from moment to moment. Thank you for allowing me to continue this journey. 

What other meditative activities did you find helpful during this period?

Please share your know-how with the community by commenting below.

Mindfulness Sleeping

Another day has passed. 

I became a good friend with my judgment, negative thoughts, stress, and jealousy within me. As I observed them with wonder, they slowly accepted my friend request, and I was able to embrace them with kindness.

Today was full of wonder, kindness, loves, gratitude, joy, and peace.

As I breathe in, I welcome my soul back to my body. As I breathe out, the energy heals the whole body as it spreads out all over the place.

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