What’s Maumbit?

Maum (마음) means ‘Mind‘ and Bit (빛) means ‘Light‘ in Korean. Enlighten Today 🙂

Hello peace makers. I’m just a human who built and manages MaumBit. How are you?

I have a very simple goal that I’d like to achieve with MaumBit. Or rather, maybe it’s not something that could really be perfectly achieved but of continuous or infinite kind of thing that I wish to seed, grow and spread.

It’s NOT about any kind of religion or belief. Neither it is about some sort of psychological treatment, or superstitions.

I’ve been living by fairly hard. I studied hard, worked hard, played hard – and still do. I lived hard enough that that hardness became a habit of my usual behavior. Now I wish to make a good use of this habit.

As I live by, thankfully, I’ve met a lot of different persons, been to many different places, and experienced a variety of thoughts, feelings and emotions.

As we know, our thoughts, feelings and emotions might bring us not only ‘bright’ stuff but also ‘dark’ ones (by the way, who defines a ‘bright’ or ‘dark’? – an interesting deep question to think of). I observed them.

Thousands of beautifully shining stars on night sky at near DMZ border of South and North Korea. A suffering turtle with his bleeding nose poked with undecomposed plastic straw. A poor kid with physical disability whose face was filled with blissful smiles in the mountain of Ciater. A super rich celebrities committing to suicide.

Our mind and the world seem like they’re always filled with Bright and Dark ones, aren’t they?

We all have Bright seeds in our mind, which may not be always visible but is able to grow anytime and eventually bloom flowers to shine and scatter its fragrance to the World.

We all have Dark ones in our mind too, which needs a special care.


As We Think, So We Become.

What we become then will influence ourselves, our families and the World.

So Bright seeds need to grow, and Dark ones need to be warmly taken care of.

MaumBit is all about those – to share with you anything to foster brightness and taking care of darkness of our mind.

I’m just happy to see you exist there at this moment.

Find Peace Here. Enlighten Today.

With Loving Kindness,
Just a human named Taesung Park