22 Great Places to Visit for Meditation in Singapore to Discover True Self

Life is demanding endlessly but still it is highly important to keep pampering yourself.

So that you can bring some relief in your life with ease.

Well, here we have brought some amazing places for Meditation in Singapore which will surely help you to manage your stress in a more effective way and ultimately you will become able to find your zen once again.

Top places which you should plan to visit in Singapore for meditation

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1. Singapore botanic garden

Normally, people know more about the temples or some mediation centres in Singapore when it comes to meditation, but this garden also contains the places which are not having busy crowd and is one of those amazing places which are perfect for peaceful and stress-free time.

Most importantly, you have to pay nothing to enter this park but this is a perfect place to slow down and enjoy your own time.

2. Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Temple

This is biggest temple which you can find in Singapore.

This huge Temple is comprising halls for meditation and prayer where you can easily achieve mindfulness.

Even more, this temple is also holding the distinction of the very first Chinese traditional forest in Singapore.

3. Gardens By The Bay

This amazing place is just at a short walk from the Marina Bay downtown.

The gardens are covered with lush green which are creating an amazingly peaceful environment which can be perfect for you to meditate here.

We recommend to visit Gardens By The Bay before evening, as it may be little noisy with the crowds and light shows at night. Check the schedules here.

ESPA at Resort World Sentosa

This amazing spa is situated in the lush tropical grounds of Sentosa and is set to 10,000 m2 approximately.

This spa is not only the best place to enjoy the scrubs, massages and masks but can also offer you a perfect studio to perform yoga and meditation.

Check the retreat programs at ESPA here.

4. Kwan Yin Chan Lin Zen Meditation Centre

This amazing meditation center is here to offer you holistic health support.

If you are living in Singapore, or visiting Singapore to achieve your mindfulness or health goals then balanced living can help you in the best possible way by letting you adopt the simple lifestyle and diet.

Meditation and gentle exercise at this meditation center will be effective for you to find inner peace.

5. Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum

When you are going to visit your tooth Relic then you will surely experience the peace of the place in a more amazing way.

This place is enough peaceful that you can even meditate in this room.

You will be amazed with the peace and beauty of this temple.

Aura of peace is very strong there.

You could also enjoy some free vegetarian lunch at this temple and choose to donate too if you’d like.

6. Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple

You will definitely love the incense smell here.

This is an excellent place to find your inner peace and meditate here in Singapore.

Be sure to take your shoes off while going inside and please be respectful while visiting this place.

7. Palm Ave Float Club – Lavender

This is quite a meditative place that can induce you to let your thoughts and senses go of and achieve your goals of mindfulness.

You can spend some quality time to meditate and enjoy the silence and peacefulness of this place.

8. The Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

This is another amazing and one of the most serene places which you can visit in Singapore to meditate.

Nature reserve of Bukit Timah is actually a rain-forest preserved on the city’s outskirts.

Along with the perfect place to meditate and relax it also offers amazing trails for hiking, biking and glimpse of exotic and rare mammals and insects.

9. The Hermitage – Zen In The City

You can come here to meditate with a group to share the energy of various participants.

Here you can relax and reduce stress with a series of breathing exercises which will surely help you to invoke a deeper sense of well-being and relaxation in the best possible way.

Other Useful Resources

We’ve also found below useful resources you could explore more for meditations in Singapore.Meditation with Reiki (by SimplyBach Studio) – via Eventbrite

10. Chakra Meditation (by Shirley Tay, Redefine Wellness) – via Eventbrite

11. The ABCs of Meditation (by The Golden Space Singapore) via Eventbrite

12. Group Meditation (by Midtra @ Orion Building) via Eventbrite

13. Ameeshi Rebirth Meditation (Ameeshi) via Eventbrite

14. Guided Meditation for Beginners (Master Roy Sung) via Eventbright

15. Zen in the Den: Guided Meditation (by Tigerhall) via Eventbrite

16. Soulcentre.org

17. heartfulness.sg – Heartfulness training is provided under the non-profilt organisation. All training is provided free of charge. It’s equipped with a meditation hall which is capable of about 200 people as a sanctuary.
Address: Heartfulness Center LHK3 Building, #05-03 8 New Industrial Road, Singapore – 536200

18. Pa-Auk Meditation

19. Bodhi Meditation Singapore

20. The Art of Living Foundation Singapore

21. Sagehouse

22. Singaporemeditation.net

These are some of the best places meditation in Singapore you must plan to visit to achieve an incredible level of mindfulness.

In conclusion

In fact – the place and time doesn’t really matter for the mindfulness.

You can meditate while sitting, eating or even while walking.

What matters are perseverance, willingness and trust in you.

What’s your opinion of above? Have you ever experienced any of above places? Please share your experience at the comment below.

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