10 Ultimate How to Keep Brightening Your Mind

1. Stop Everything.

Let’s stop everything.

Inhale. Exhale. Stop everything. Let your focus just be on your breathing.

If thoughts arise in your mind, just pay attention, without judgment.

And return to your breath in and out at this time. Very naturally some thoughts arise and disturbances come and go.

Start this exercise for the first 2-5 minutes if you are a beginner. Then gradually increase to 10 – 30 minutes every day.

As you continue to do nothing, you may realize that it’s actually okay to do anything.

As you proceed further, you may realize that it is actually very peaceful. You may begin to realize that your life is full of gratitude and wonder.

You may realize that you have given everything. Birds sing, the sun shines, the sky is blue and the fresh air is always around and inside you, to keep you alive and continue to breathe.

2. Continue to Do Nothing.

It is okay.

Everything is in perfect order even if you did nothing.

Continue to do nothing and continue to exist at all times.

Know that you are only a perfect being right now.

Be aware that all thoughts, emotions, and feelings are all temporary. They all come and go. Appears and disappears.

By continuing to practice this, you might be able to improve the status of your mind to a higher level.

At a higher level, your suffering from the darkness of the mind can be reduced and can greatly strengthen the brightness of your mind.

3. Be kind

Being nice to who? Your neighbor? Friends or family? Or colleagues?

The first object that you have to be kind to is yourself.

Start by being kind to your thoughts, emotions, and feelings. To do this, you may need a little practice from steps 1, 2 above to realize that your thoughts, emotions, and feelings can be observed in separate perspectives.

Sometimes you may realize that you judge yourself, or your thoughts, emotions, and feelings.

“Why did I say that stupid thing to my boss? I am really frustrated with my relationship with my husband. I don’t understand why people behave so selfishly at work, at school. I don’t understand why I don’t get enough rewards than others, when I work so hard like this! “

We may have special judgment because of certain events that happened in the past, or certain expectations that are built around experience or imagination.

The reason why you need to be yourself first is because certain judgments reach YOU at the first time (because they appear in you), so they build rather negative elements around you like prejudice.

So, we need to take a step back, before judgment arises in us, and then foster goodness in us.

Be kind to your thoughts that arise. Be kind to your emotions that arise. Be nice to your feelings that arise.

4. Look Up in the Sky

Now that we know how to stop everything, still do nothing and be kind, let’s look at the sky.

If you look closely, there is

Clouds – which help suck water from the ground and produce rain

Water – which falls from clouds to Earth and keeps living things alive

Air – which keeps you breathing and alive

Birds – which continue to sing beautifully, keep nature moving

As you continue to look inside, there is

Light – that makes living things like us see things, beautiful things

Stars – namely guarding all the laws of the universe, and proving light

Endless Universe – which allows all existence, beautiful things.

You will see innumerable extraordinary things that will fill your mind with brightness.

5. Get Yourself Exposed to Sunlight

Sunlight is given. Free. We need to take the time to appreciate it.

We need to look deeply and appreciate that it allows us to see other things clearly with beautiful colors.

Sunlight enables our body to produce vitamin D. Vitamin D protects our body from inflammation, lowers high blood pressure, improves muscle and brain function, and can prevent heart disease.

It was also reported that sunlight can cure depression or affective disorders. It can also improve the quality of your sleep.

Exposing yourself to sunlight is a great way to maintain the brightness of your mind.

6. Consider Trying to Meditate

Meditation is increasingly popular in modern society not only in religious communities but also at work or at home. It is a well-known fact that meditation is good for humans.

It can improve your body, emotional well-being and mind. The teacher suggests different levels of meditation techniques depending on the stage or level of your experience. One can try to attain Enlightenment by continuing to practice meditation with a disciplined mind.

This is a fun, simple and extraordinary yet very powerful technique that you can practice to improve your overall quality of life. You can start with breathing techniques for beginners if you haven’t already experienced them.

7. Traveling

When you are very busy (when your mind sees objects as busy), you tend to think of things as busy. You will tend to walk fast when busy.

Let’s stop And breathing in and breathing out. Repeat.

Then very slowly, take one step of your left foot (or your right foot as you like), noting with your inner voice “left”.

Slowly, step your right foot forward, and note with your “right” conscience.

Repeat. Your mind must be fully focused on your walk.

After a few minutes of this exercise, you will feel lighter and fresher with a brighter mind.

8. Try a Simple Exercise

Doing sports is a proven fact that not only improves your physical health but also your mental and mind.

Your body and mind are connected.

When the body is healthy, your mind will be healthy – and vice versa.

Light exercise such as jogging, walking, yoga or stretching will be a good enough start to make your mind brighter.

9. Bath

Bathing can brighten your mind.

Thank you water. You are here at this time to wash my body and soul. Now I am fresh and clean. My mind is clearer. You are here so I have warmth. When I clean the dust from my body, my mind becomes clearer and brighter.

10. Take a Solo Trip

Solo travel can give you more pleasure and brightness compared to traveling with your friends or family.

Because you can really be you.

You will see what you want to see. You will eat what you want to eat. You definitely want to eat.

Deeper, you will think about what you want to think. Imagine what you want to feel. Feel what you want to feel.

You can have a luxurious time to look back on your life. To see you.

To ask yourself the question “who are you”, “where are you from”

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